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Q:  How does work?

A:  Professional artist Jan Finn-Duffy has filmed an ever-expanding library of watercolor lessons, which students may play unlimited times for a yearly subscription price of $27.  After becoming a member, watercolor students choose a lesson, lay out their paper and paint supplies, and paint along with the teacher at their own pace.  Start and pause the lesson video as often as you want; even back up if you need to see a portion of it again.  

To get started, go the menu bar and select BECOME A MEMBER.  After signing up, choose a lesson from the MEMBERS-ONLY VIDEOS page.  Under the video you will find a link to print a copy of the painting (for reference) and a line drawing (for tracing onto your watercolor paper).  Transfer the line drawing to your watercolor paper, get out your painting supplies, have your computer handy and click the link to the video lesson.  (Be sure to enlarge the video lesson to your computer's full screen.)  Enjoy your journey into watercolor!

Q:  If  I am using this website as a homeschool art course, what should my student expect to know and accomplish as part of the course completion?

A:   The student should be able to complete one painting project each week of the semester.  The student should be able to define and demonstrate knowledge of such watercolor terms as wash, glaze, wet-in-wet, wet-on-dry, dry brush and lifting.  It is my goal as a teacher of this beautiful paint medium that this is the beginning (the laying of a foundation) of a lifetime of creative expression through watercolor!

Q:  Can I share the video link with anyone?

A:  Please share the video access with the people in your immediate family!  We are hoping the lessons are used to encourage family time together, or be used for the purposes of home schooling. People outside your home should purchase their own video subscription. 

Q:  What are my rights to the paintings I paint?

A:  The digital product and copyrights to the image are owned by, but your painted version of the image is solely owned by you.  You may proudly frame and display it.  You may give it away as a gift.  You may sell it.  Because the image is copyrighted, you need to sign your painting "[your name] after".

Q:  Do I need to buy all the supplies you recommend?

A:  No! Use the supplies you like.  The supplies I list are primarily to expose new watercolorists to the supplies that are helpful in completing a painting.  For instance, if you cannot afford a palette, substitute a styrofoam plate.  The important thing is that you try your hand at painting.

Q:  How often may I watch the videos?

A:  You may watch the videos as many times as you like as long as your subscription is active.

Q:  Can I get a refund or exchange?

A:  Because this is a digital product, we cannot offer a refund or exchange.  You may cancel your subscription at any time.

Q:  How do I cancel my yearly subscription?

A:  First of all, we are sorry to see you go and hope that you'll reconsider because there are new video lessons being added to the library all the time!  But if you wish to cancel your subscription, it's done as easily as going to your login ID in the upper right corner of each page.  Begin by clicking on "My Subscriptions".  Then click on the green "Active" link next to your subscription info.  From there, click on "Cancel Subscription" and you're finished!

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