Q:  Can I share the video link with anyone?

A:  You cannot share the link with anyone other than people in your immediate family, from the email account where the purchase receipt was received.  The lesson is our product, and it's only fair to us that it is not given away and used without being purchased.  The exception to this rule is that it may be viewed by families living under the same roof ... that it is purchased by one and used by other immediate family members.  (We are hoping the lessons are used to encourage family time together, or be used for the purposes of home schooling.) 

Q:  Can I get a refund or exchange?

A:  Because this is a digital product, we cannot offer a refund or exchange.

Q:  What are my rights to the paintings I paint?

A:  The digital product and copyrights to the image are owned by, but your painted version of the image is solely owned by you.  You may proudly frame it and display it in any venue you want.  You may give it away as a gift.  You may donate it to a charitable organization, or sell it and donate the proceeds to charity.  The only restriction (because the image is copyrighted) is that you cannot sell it and keep the proceeds.

Q:  Do I need to buy all the supplies you recommend?

A:  No! Use the supplies you like.  The supplies I list are primarily to expose new watercolorists to the supplies that are helpful in completing a painting.  For instance, if you cannot afford a palette, substitute a styrofoam plate.  The important thing is that you try your hand at painting.

Q:  How often may I watch the videos I buy?

A:  You may watch the videos as often as you like, but YOU MUST KEEP YOUR EMAIL RECEIPT WITH THE LINK TO THE VIDEO IN THE ATTACHMENT.

Q:  How does work?

A:  Make a selection of a lesson(s) from the Video Library, and pay for your selection(s).  After checkout you will receive an email with an attachment which will provide a link to the video lesson, a printable copy of the painting, and a printable line drawing.  Transfer the line drawing to your watercolor paper, get out your painting supplies, have your computer handy and click the link to the video lesson.  As I paint the lesson, you can follow along and paint with me.  If I get ahead of you, pause the video until you catch up.  Or, rewind parts to better understand something you missed.  Watch the video again if you need to.  Most of all, enjoy the creative process!

Q:  How do I give this as a gift?

A:  Make your selection and add it to the cart as usual.  If you are buying the same painting multiple times for different gift recipients, just go back to the video library and choose the same painting as many times as you want for the number of people you plan to give it to.  When you complete checkout, you will receive an email for your purchase with the .pdf pages containing the video link, the finished painting, and the line drawing.  Then just forward the purchased .pdf with all the content to your recipient in an email.  Easy peasy!

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